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We contracted with Adella Construction Limited to build a house extension.


Towards the end of the job - despite having agreed to complete the work - Adella Construction Limited introduced preconditions which we believe it knew would be unacceptable to us. In our opinion they contrived to not return - leaving us having to pay for their SHODDY WORK TO BE RE-DONE as well as having to arrange the completion of the work ourselves.


During our build the Adella Construction Limited website showed its contact address as:


59 Valley Drive, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 5FD



During our build Adella Construction Limited had two directors each owning fifty per cent of the company:


Robert Anthony Stephenson (known as Bob Stephenson)

Deidre Karen Stephenson (known as Dee Stephenson)


Adella Construction Limited contracted some of the works to:


Allun Gedrych Limited (Allun Gedrych)

S. E. A. Plumbing (Stephen Atkins)


Adella Construction Limited and Bob Stephenson left our build unfinished, offering to return only when unacceptable preconditions were met, even though Bob had previously agreed to complete the work without these preconditions.

Screenshot No Number.png 

Before Bob left the job we told him there was so much sub-standard work that needed to be done again that we were concerned that if we paid the small invoice that he had issued he may not return to finish the job.


He promised that he would return the following week to complete the work and so we paid the invoice.






It is our view that, because there was so little left for him to invoice us and so much shoddy work that needed to be re-done, Bob realised that it would have cost him more to finish the job and re-do HIS SHODDY WORK than he would have received from us for finishing the job.


By law, builders are required to use REASONABLE CARE AND SKILL and to provide materials to a SATISFACTORY STANDARD.


Adella Construction broke its contract with us and DID NOT USE REASONABLE CARE AND SKILL and DID NOT PROVIDE MATERIALS TO A SATISFACTORY STANDARD as evidenced by the following:


DRAINS - Bob Stephenson and Allun Gedrych left us with...


-      drain.jpgFOUL PIPES GOING INTO SURFACE WATER DRAINS which the Building Inspector required us to rectify

-       SURFACE WATER PIPES GOING INTO FOUL DRAINS which the Building Inspector required us to rectify

-       one gulley which should have fed into a pipe was actually CAPPED so waste from sink and dishwasher was just SPILLING OUT AGAINST THE HOUSE

-       FOUL WASTE inspection chamber with an unused outlet SEALED WITH GAFFA TAPE that had come away so FOUL WASTE LEAKED just outside the kitchen (see photo)


NOTE:  100% of ground works had been paid for and we had to pay for the above work to be done again.  Properly, this time.


PLUMBING - Bob Stephenson and Stephen E. Atkins, SEA Plumbing left us with...


-      thermal.jpgthe stop cock installed THE WRONG WAY AROUND

-      no Gas Safe Building Regulations Certificate even though this was LEGALLY REQUIRED within one month of installation.  Even though 100% of the plumbing had been paid we had to pay another plumber to re-commission the boiler

-      both shower heads LEAKING AND SQUEAKING

-      hole.jpgshower controls on one shower INSTALLED UPSIDE DOWN

-      underfloor heating installed under WCs so they could not be screwed down (see thermal photo)

-      waste pipes for bath, sink and shower connected so that water coming out of the bath or sink starts to back up into the shower

-       a WONKY towel rail

-       a hole in the external wall where they had to repair a leaking pipe that their electrician had pierced in pulling a cable through (see photo)

-       no washers on the central heating pump


NOTE:  100% of the plumbing had been paid for and we had to pay for work to be done again.  Properly, this time.




-       shower.jpgAPALLINGLY BAD TILING in showers and around baths - PROTUDING, RECESSED, WONKY AND BROKEN

-       Three months later grout had FALLEN OFF and there were HOLES BETWEEN TILES (see photo)

-       NEITHER SHOWERS WERE TANKED (waterproofed)

-       Shower tiles were stuck on plywood which, just three months later, was wet and ALREADY MOULDY and would rot and give way

-       Some tiles in shower and bath were STUCK ON WITH SEALANT and NOT ADHESIVE.

-       Some floor tiles were sticking out so far that they were TRIPPED OVER (see photo)

-       floor tiles.jpgMosaic tiles were laid SIX TILES WIDE in one bathroom and EIGHT TILES WIDE in the other

-       Some floor tiles in kitchen and bathroom move and click and grout is cracked suggesting that the floor base is not sufficiently solid

-       DIRTY GROUTING between floor tiles in kitchen and bathroom, the result of BUILDERS TRAMPLING MUD into floor tile grouting from the day that it was laid


NOTE:  We had to buy a second batch of tiles to go around both baths and both showers, pay for the first lot to be removed and pay for both baths and both showers to be tiled again.  Properly, this time.



Wavy Roof.jpg 

-         The building inspector required that the ceiling was re-built as the one Bob installed was NOT SUFFICIENT to support the cupboard going above it

-         The side edge of the porch roof has been shoddily done it is WAVY (not straight as with the existing roof) and thickly applied and is not in keeping with the existing roof (see photo)

-         Porch Cupboard.jpgThere was no flashing installed at the join of the porch to the external wall so rain water fed out of the guttering and leaked into the cupboard below (see photo), the office and the bedroom.

-         The reclaimed tiles were so mis-matched that there were large gaps between them allowing rain water to leak into the cupboard below






-     Floor Board.jpgOur new engineered wood floor was laid despite many of the boards having CRACKS in them so they are not covered by warranty (see photo) to get them replaced

-     The extension floor is NOT LEVEL with the existing floor leading to it (see photo)

-     There are GAPS between floorboards (see photo)

-     In places there are LARGE GAPS between skirting and floor boards (see Extension Gap.jpgphoto)

-     The kitchen window was put in the WRONG PLACE until we noticed it

-     Bob spray painted the room layouts for the kitchen fitters but marked everything out BACK TO FRONT.  Luckily the kitchen fitters noticed.

-     Loo / towel holders installed with NO CARE WHATSOEVER (see photo of one personally installed by Bob)

-     Floorboard.jpgWONKY bathroom cabinet (see photo)

-     BUMPY CHASING of cables into walls not smoothed over

-     POOR FINISH around windows, also around a new ceiling

-     BUMPY WALL where hole had been made but not filled smoothly

-     The front of the house was SPLATTERED WITH MUD when the drive was pressure cleaned.  Despite Skirting.jpgpromising to clean it down first this was just painted over so there is now a BROWN STAIN on the wall

-     Bob left us with two wall lights but with no switch to turn them on

-     Some new windows Bob installed did not match the existing ones (see photo)







The Adella Construction website says We have a reputation for excellence.


In our house, they have a reputation for incompetence, doing appallingly shoddy work, being unreliable and not keeping their word.


In our view Bob's everchanging, unacceptable preconditions and procrastinations were increasingly desperate and contrived attempts to avoid completing the job without actually being accused of refusing to complete it.


Which, in our opinion, is effectively the same thing.



Loo Roll Holder.jpgWonky Unit.jpg